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Clean hands, hot heart...(November 6,1997)
For some people the Greate October Day is simply a date, but for the 91-year-old Minsk resident Mikhail Morozov it life.
Mikhail Morozov.
"Ford Transit" Of Quick Reaction.(November 6,1997)
A demonstration of the first Belarusian vans "Ford-Transit" and the cars "Ford-Escort" for representatives of the Belarusian militarized fire service took place at the factory "Ford-Union" in Obchak in Minsk region.
Dmitriy Mokshin.
An Evening Party Dedicated to the Chernobyl Migrants (November 17,1997)
A night of memories became a meeting at school #210 for Chernobyl zone migrants who live at Shabany area in Minsk. Approximately half of the teachers have also arrived from the places that had suffered from the catastrophe. Their families have reciently been visited by Muhammed Abu el Ata, a Belgium businessman, who has been working in Belarus for 4 years.
Alla Kasakova.
Miscellaneous. (November 26, 1997)
Grenade Will Become Closer.
An Order As Well As Wine Should Be Well-Aged.
Alla Stulova.
"Golfstream" Shoot The Bull's Eye. (November 27, 1997)
Whether you like adverts or not, whether you perceive them from newspaper pages, TV screens with pleasure or you are frustrated when commercials interrupt your favourite soap opera, even if you don't have anything in common with advertising --- still you should know that two Minsk advertising agencies were the best at the prestigious Moscow's 14th International Festival of Advertising.
Yuriy Svyatokum.
The Official Item News. (December 04, 1997)
A State of Emergency Wont Catch Unawares.
Victor Aleshkevich.
President at the Border.
According to the President's words we should interest foreigners to go through Belarus and not through other countries.
Marat and World. (February 18, 1998)
Being first a vice-chairperson, then the chairperson of the Belarusian Fund of Peace, Marat Egorov visited many countries, took part in numerous conferences, congresses, symposiums.
Nina Maradulina.
Ivan Yudash -- foto.


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